Nutritional Considerations for Children

Presentation description: Childhood is a crucial time for development both mentally and physically and proper nutrition plays a key role in this development. In this talk, we will discuss pre and post natal influences on childhood nutrition, how to know if your child is getting the right amount of nutrients, what nutrients are most important to a child’s development and more. Get to know how you can transform your child’s health through nutrition and naturopathic medicine. Whether you already have a child or are thinking about starting a family soon, this talk is perfect for you.


Author: Kelly Hassberger, ND

Included presentation:

Nutritional Considerations for Children
This package contains a 60-minute presentation with audience handouts and speakers notes. The content is appropriate for both a general and professional audience, for educating and recruiting new patients and establishing a solid referral network. It is complete with images that illustrate concepts and ideas.