Immune Health Content Package

Immune health content to use in marketing efforts. Safely and effectively attract the attention of current and prospective patients and clients with our prepared Immune Health marketing content package.

Package includes:

1 special feature newsletter:

“Staying Healthy During a Pandemic: Choices You Can Make in the Face of COVID-19” ($39)

11 articles:

    1. Keep Your Immune System in Peak Condition ($15)
    2. Broth: Health Benefits Approved by Mom ($10)
    3. Garlic Helps the Body Fight Infection ($10)
    4. Ashwagandha ($10)
    5. Fight Cough and Cold With Osha Root Extract ($10)
    6. Immunity Boosting “Better than Chicken Soup” ($10)
    7. Garlic Oxymel ($10)
    8. Lymphatic Massage and Drainage ($10)
    9. Hydrotherapy Home Remedies for Fever ($10)
    10. Zinc ($10)
    11. The Power of Vitamin D ($10)

2 social media graphics in sizes that fit Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


Immune Health Content Package

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We understand it takes time and it is challenging to put together good quality holistic health information; that’s why we do what we do! We do the research, writing and editing for you saving you both time and money. Our content is written and produced by writers, editors and a medical review team who are at the top of their fields.

This content can be used on your blog, website, social media and you can email it out to your audience or even print it out and hand it out to your patients or clients.


*Images are provided but must be used with image attributions, which we supply you with, when posting in the public domain (blog and social media).

*Articles can be customized by you including adding, removing or changing text or images.

*The only thing you cannot do with the content is submit it for publication in any third-party medium such as Readers Digest or Prevention magazine.