Finding the Root Cause of Illness

“The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of It’s Parts”. Conventional medicine has taken the body and broken it into it’s parts, as if each is separate from the other and a symptom in one system is unrelated to a symptom in another. This system of medicine is failing and there is a distinct reason why. Our body in fact functions as a whole and a disturbance in one system will effect the whole of the body. In this talk, you will discuss how naturopathic medicine uses a whole body approach to discover the weak systems or deficiencies and therefore discover the root cause of disease and restore the whole body to health.


Author: Kelly Hassberger, ND

Included presentation:

Finding the Root Cause of Illness
This package contains one, 60 minute presentation with audience handouts and speakers notes. The content is appropriate for both a general and professional audience, for educating and recruiting new patients and establishing a solid referral network. It is complete with images that illustrate concepts and ideas.