Essential Oils For Home Health Care

60 minute presentation that goes over the basics of essential oils, some common oils and the conditions they can be used to help. Essential oils are an incredibly potent form of plant medicine. Explore 10 essential oils and how to use them safely and effectively for common first aid and health care conditions. Learn which oils are appropriate to use for children and infants and how to use essential oils in a variety of forms.

This has been a really popular presentation for the public. They are really curious about essential oils, how to use them and which ones are good for what.


Author: Judith Boice, ND

This package contains one, 60 minute presentation with audience handouts and speakers notes. The content is appropriate for both a general and professional audience, for educating and recruiting new patients and establishing a solid referral network. It contains appropriate citations, references and is visually captivating to keep the attention of your audience.

Included presentation:

Essential Oils For Home Health Care