MTP Newsletter Theme: Navigating Change

This holistic health newsletter is professionally written, reviewed by a medical team of holistic doctors, and finalized by a copy editor. The articles within this can be used for direct email newsletters, website, blog and social media marketing. The text can be customized to include the practitioner’s name, favorite products and more! Image attributions (included) are required when posting to social media, website and blog.

What’s included:

  • 6 articles:
    • Navigating Change in Uncertain Times
    • Persimmon: a Nutritious, Fruity Gem
    • Vegan Persimmon Cookies
    • The Calming Power of Passionflower
    • Vitamin E: Potent Antioxidant and Much More
    • Elevating Self-Awareness with “Shadow Journaling”
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  • references