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Looking for high quality, holistic health content
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Did you know that Content Marketing can increase your revenue, site traffic, online sales and leads by up to 28%!


What is the Holistic Health Content Marketing Package?

The Holistic Health Content Marketing Package provides 6 easy-to-read, engaging articles, a formatted newsletter, social media posts, blog posts and website content on topics people care about. At a cost of only $49 per month you can save hundreds of dollars and hours and easily communicate with current and potential clients.

Why Is This Important For Your Business

Connect to your patients & clients each month in meaningful ways to help nurture your relationship, build trust and grow your business.
Promotes Business Growth

Boost In Business

Content Marketing can increase your revenue, site traffic, online sales and leads by up to 28%

Solid Marketing Strategy

Powerful Performance

The most successful businesses are predicted to dedicate more than 50% of next year's marketing budget to content marketing strategies.

Easy & Intuitive

Easy To Get Started

It is not as challenging as you might think to start doing this! Start using our marketing content and see results today!

What's Included

The Holictic Health Content Marketing Package includes monthly themed articles, formatted newsletter, social media posts, blog posts and graphics. We even provide a full-service option!
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I just subscribed to the Basic Package! Now what?
For the Basic Package subscribers, we will send you the current month's content the day you subscribe. Going forward, you will receive the articles, images, references, formatted newsletter and htm code for newsletter on the last day of every month. Once a week, on Monday morning, you will receive the 3 suggested social media posts for the week.
I just subscribed to the Premium Package! Now what?
For the Premium Package subscribers, we will send you an email to set up an initial meeting with your new account manager. In this meeting, you will go over details such as your mailing list, the mail service you currently use (if you have one) to send out information, your social media channels and your blog. You and your account manager will make decisions about what to post when, how to get announcements in your newsletter, which article you want on your blog, how you choose your social media posts and where you want your holistic graphic posted.

We will still send you the current month's content the day you subscribe. Going forward, you will also receive the articles, images, references, formatted newsletter and htm code for newsletter on the last day of every month. Once a week, on Monday morning, you will receive the 3 suggested social media posts for the week and in this email there will be a link to a form where you can select which ones you want your account manager to post for you. Since we are doing the work for you, this information is simply for your records.

What if I do not like the content in a month?
If you do not like the content we have prepared, you are able to swap out months up to 4 times a year. All our editions can be viewed at Newsletter Content Preview . Simply decide what you want. If you are a Basic Package subscriber, email customer service customerservice@medicinetalk.org to request those substitutions. If your are a Premium Package subscriber, just let your account manager know. You may not request all 4 substitutions at one time. It is a month at a time, up to 4 times a year and this is only available to active subscribers.
What if I want to change or customize the content in a month?
Regardless of which Holistic Health Content Package you are subscribed to, you can always customize the content. You can add to or take away, you can personalize each article with your name (for Premium Subscribers we will do that for you) and also choose to only use certain articles.
Where does the content come from?
Our writer produces original holistic health information every month using current clinical studies and published literature. We plan our content in advance and choose topics that are based on core holistic health principles, relevant, current and known to be of interest to the public. We never produce controversial material nor do we make false claims. We also do offer treament advice, rather, we use language that educates and encourages the reader to reach out to you!
Where can I use the marketing content you send?
The information we provide to you can be used in many ways. It can be sent as a newsletter, used on your social media, blog or website. You can print it out and leave copies in your waiting room or distribute it to local area businesses. Remember to always include the image attributions when using it in places like your website, blog or social media! But we send you those instructions with your welcome email. And if you are a Premium Package subscriber, we take care of details like that for you.
I just subscribed but have received nothing from you!
For new subscribers, if you have not confirmed your email address with us, the emails from us are likely in your spam or promotions folders. Please check there and mark email from us as "NOT SPAM". If you still cannot find the emails, you may have entered an incorrect email address. Just email customer service customerservice@medicinetalk.org. We will check your email and help you find your emails from us.
How do I upgrade from the Basic to the Premium Package?
If you want to upgrade from the Basic Package, either click the upgrade link in any of the emails you receive from us or contact customer service customerservice@medicinetalk.org and we upgrade your subscription.
How long am I subscribing for?
There are no contracts - you can cancel at anytime! Only pay for what you have received. Email customer service customerservice@medicinetalk.org at anytime to request a cancellation.

Why Work with Us

We understand it takes time and it is challenging to put together good quality holistic health information; that's why we do what we do!

Being holistic practitioners ourselves, we found it very hard to find an affordable solution to content creation, specific to the holistic health industry. So, we started this service for ourselves. We began with a small information "co-op" and 10 years later this has grown into a full-service content marketing package.

Join us and get marketing content from the field of holistic medicine delivered to your inbox on the last day of every month.

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Have Questions?
Call us today: (800) 959-2193

Many Benefits

Save Time!

We do the research, writing and editing for you saving you hours every month.

Save Money

Because this information is shared, we are able to provide this service at a fraction of the cost.

Professionally Created

Content is written and produced by writers, editors and a medical review team who are at the top of their fields.

Researched & Referenced

Content is created each month using current literature and studies.

Easy to Use

Training, tutorials and dedicated account managers provided to help you deploy the marketing content.

Recruit patients/clients

Recruit patients/clients with high quality information that is easily shared.

Retain Current Clients

Retain current patients/clients with consistent communication.

Drive Word-of-Mouth

Drive word-of-mouth referrals by staying present and in touch with your clients.

Extensive Documentation

We have covered each & everything in our Documentation including Videos & Screenshots.

healt content

Why Choose Medicine Talk Pro

We know the holistic health industry very well and over the last 10 years, have helped hundreds of professionals! For us, it is not just about providing marketing content, it's about understanding what you need to establish, grow and be successful in your business. We are a small, professional team of holistic health care professionals including doctors, professional writers, editors and dedicated account managers. We believe every human has the right to understand there are choices when it comes to health care and it is our mission to help you deliver this message as you improve the health of the world.

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What Clients Say?

Customer Testimonails

Starting a new practice, or any business, can be a daunting task and with it comes a lot of work to market yourself and get patients and clients in the door. I was so grateful when starting my practice to find medicinetalkpro and all it's resources. Most importantly, I have been exceptionally pleased with the content marketing package that medicinetalkpro provides monthly. It can be a difficult task to find writers that understand my profession and these newsletters not only do that, but also come very well researched and professionally written. I cannot express the amount of time this content has saved me as well as the amount of patients it has gained me. I have referred many other practitioners to medicinetalkpro and will continue to do so in the future. Highly recommend it!

Kelly Hassberger, ND President Michigan Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Grand Rapids Natural Health
Grand Rapids, Michigan
Customer Testimonails

I am so excited that I have found Medicine Talk Pro! As a practicing physician with a family that includes a teenager and a 17 month old time is valuable. If you are like me- you do not have the time or energy to research new and exciting things to educate your patients about and definitely don’t have the time to put it all together in a visually pleasing format EVERY month. Medicine Talk Pro has given me peace of mind by providing me with a FANTASTIC content marketing that is timely and current for me to send to my patients, as well as resources and informational presentations. My favorite part of Medicine Talk Pro is their customer service. They are friendly, personable, and professional; they realize that what works for one office or practioner doesn’t always work for the next.

M. Samm Pryce, ND Balanced Integration
Ann Arbor, Michigan
Customer Testimonails

The Medicine Talk Newsletter Service has been a game changer for my practice. I am truly grateful to have this affordable and informative resource ready to share with my current and potential patients. My schedule is full seeing patients in two different office locations, writing my own monthly column for a health magazine, doing public speaking on a variety of health topics, and owning two other businesses. Before the MT Newsletter Service I simply did not have the capacity to create the volume of content needed to send out an impactful newsletter each month. Now I am able to connect with my patients each month without feeling another deadline looming over my shoulders. It is easy to incorporate my own content into the different articles as well as add links for information I want to share. Thanks so much Medicine Talk for providing this resource. I highly recommend anyone looking to grow and connect with potential patients to consider adding this to their practice.