Homeopathic Study Group: Call for Cases


Nov 18, 2019 through Oct 1, 2020

Homeopathy is a branch of medicine that is over 200 years old. It is safe and non-toxic, yet it can induce profound healing within a human being. In the course of homeopathic treatment, very dilute substances are used to restore balance to the body and to stimulate healing. If you have ever shopped in a health food store, you have probably seen homeopathic remedies on the shelf.

This type of treatment starts with your case being taken over a 2-3 hour period. The case is then studied by the group, many of whom are practicing doctors, and a the remedy is chosen under the supervision of Dr. Camp. The studying and selection of a remedy can take a couple of weeks depending on the complexity of your case. Once a remedy has been chosen and you have begun taking it, regular follow-ups must be done to be sure your case is progressing as it should. The length of time you can expect for resolution of health issues can vary depending again on the complexity of your case coupled with the healing ability of your body.

A case manager will be assigned to you. They will be the person who takes your case initially, contacts you about the remedy and who does all your follow-ups. This is the person you will contact if anything comes up, if you have any questions or if you become acutely ill. You always have the ability to contact Dr. Camp directly with any concerns regarding your case manager.

Through Oct 1, 2020, there is no cost for participating as a subject in our Homeopathic Group other than the cost of the remedy itself. Some remedies will be locally available; other remedies that are less common may be purchased from a homeopathic pharmacy, from your case manager or from Dr. Camp if she carries them in stock. Resources for ordering online are listed below. The cost of homeopathic remedies ranges from $8-12.

After Oct 1, 2020, you may have the option to continue with your current case manager. This is a discussion you will have with your assigned case manager including their availability and practice fee structure. If you choose not to continue with your case manager, our group can refer you to a number of homeopathic practitioners to continue your care.

Homeopathic treatment does not include labs, dietary, herbal or supplement advice or guidance. Many of our case managers are doctors and if you are seeking more than homeopathic treatment at any point, you can have a discussion with them about your health needs outside of the homeopathy portion.

Why do we need your help?

Homeopathy requires a considerable amount of time studying, taking cases and learning to use the various tools of the trade. There is no better way to learn than through actual experience. For help with this, we turn to our community and offer free homeopathic treatment in exchange for your patience and understanding through the learning journey.

Your Responsibilities?

  1. To be present, honest and participate in both the initial case intake. Requires 2-3 hours of your time.
  2. Follow-ups range from 15 – 60 minutes and are often conducted over the telephone or zoom video. These follow-ups will be arranged with your case manager at times that are mutually acceptable.
  3. Completion of required paperwork.
  4. To purchase your homeopathic remedy and take it as recommended.

Your Homeopathic Case: What to Expect

To get the most out of your participation in this group, be sure and communicate any changes, developments or concerns to your case manager. They are the connection between you and the homeopathic treatment you are receiving. There is no such thing, in the world of homeopathy, as too much information or too many details  The more we know, the better we can address your health concerns.

This could be a long or short journey for you – it depends on what healing needs to take place. Some cases have cleared up in a few months, others have taken longer. And there are many stages of healing that a person can journey through as the case progresses.

Typically, after a remedy is given, there is a brief period of aggravation of symptoms, in other words, things may get slightly worse before they start to improve. This is a good sign and means we have made a very good remedy choice. Shortly after the period of aggravation, symptoms will begin to improve. Some may go away completely; others may just get slightly better. Along the way, we will likely have to change the strength of the remedy and / or the remedy itself. This is normal! And often it is a good sign you are moving into better health.

Another possibility in the course of homeopathic treatment is something we homeopaths call “return of old symptoms”. This simply means that ailments, illnesses and symptoms you have experienced in the past can briefly return, but again, it is a good sign and these will also clear as your body heals.

After the main issues have cleared up, your health is restored and you are in a stable, symptom-free state, we look at stopping treatment. Long-term, you may have to periodically re-dose your remedy especially at times of stress. All humans are born with inherent areas of weakness that when stressed will create symptoms of illness in the body. For some people it could be the respiratory system while for others it could be muscles and joints. Even after optimal health has been restored, a period of illness or high stress can cause symptoms to reappear in these weaker areas. The nice thing is that often, a single dose or two of your homeopathic remedy can set things straight.

Paperwork Required

Before we can schedule or begin working with you, basic health history paperwork and a signed Terms of Service will need to be completed and returned to Dr. Camp. If your case is selected for group study, you will be sent these forms.


Reading up on homeopathy may make this process more understandable. There are a number of helpful resources for learning the basics of homeopathy and for getting remedies: