Business Friday Lunch is a great way to learn about and pick up new business strategies. We usually meet on a Friday, 1-2 PM CST via zoom. You can either join the zoom or just watch it in the Med Talk Pro FB group. We talk about things like patient retention, patient recruitment, time management, concierge medicine, telemedicine, practice management software, marketing strategies, practice tools and more.

The schedule below is subject to change.

Sep 10, 2021 Mail Chimp Demo Eli The ins and outs of using this awesome tool.
Sep 24, 2021 Canva Demo Laurinda How to use this amazing tool to bring your thoughts alive.
Oct 8, 2021 Burn out Eli What does this look like and what to do about it.
Oct 22, 2021 Self-care – Putting Your Mask on First Laurinda Essentialism The Disciplined Pursuit of Less by Greg McKeown

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The sessions and call/zoom information are also announced in our Medicine Talk Professional Facebook Group. This is a group for practitioners only, no patients allowed. This permits us to really get into business issues and brainstorm freely. Join us!

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Upcoming Talks

Social Media Training Series

We have not opened registration for this yet – still trying to finalize the series. However, whether you are a beginner and know nothing about social media or you have been dabbling a bit and are familiar with the various platforms, this training will help you start using social media to get RESULTS. This may be some of the most important information to acquire and use for your business! As soon as we have a date, we will put up the registration link. For more information: Social Media Training Series

Recorded Talks

Fullscript for Your Practice

Fullscript is the easiest way for practitioners to recommend professional-grade supplements to their patients. It’s safe, simple, and free. That’s why it’s used by thousands of integrative practitioners and hundreds of thousands of their patients across North America. Access to more than 300+ professional-grade supplements and have them shipped directly to your patients. Improve your patient care and make dispensing wellness simple. Join us for this Business Friday lunch to take a tour through the platform & get your questions answered. Many NDs are switching to this, come find out why. Visit Fullscript online to learn more.

Content Marketing 101! with Dr. Eli Camp

What is it? How do you spend the least time (and money) to get the best results? What are best practices? Join Eli Camp, ND for this 1 hour webinar to learn the basics and more of content marketing.

SEO Diagnostics: Why is your Digital Presence on Local Listings SO important?

with Dr. Sam Schikowitz

Digital Presence is the majority of what marketing your practice is all about today. What is digital presence?

In short, Digital Presence is how patients and search engines find you. It includes the following: Social Media like facebook, Google my business, Google Maps, Mapquest, Bing, Yelp, Yahoo Search, Directories like, Chamber of Commerce, Apple, and 50+ more.

Why is it so important? Patients are using many different channels to find services. You need to be on all of them. Also, when there is coherence on all sites regarding your contact information, branding, and message, Search Engines rank you higher and more people find you through searches.

How do you manage it? What tools make managing Digital Presence easier? Attend the webinar and find out.

In the meantime – generate your free report!

Build Your Passive Income Portfolio!

with Dr. Eli Camp

Passive Income: Working Smarter NOT Harder! This is a stream of income that requires much less work, and sometimes no work at all aside from an initial investment of “start up hours”. A Passive Income Portfolio is the collection of all passive income activities. Can you imagine paying all of your bills completely from your passive income stream? Well, go ahead and imagine! If you are working more than 30 hours per week and not taking home (TAKING HOME) 6 figures, watch this Medicine Talk Pro Business Friday Lunch Webinar to learn how to create this for yourself.

Northbay Diagnostics Laboratory: Functional Testing in Your Practice

Presented by Dr. Chad Kotlarz: Build your practice and support your profession, utilizing hormone and neurotransmitter testing. Northbay Diagnostics is the only specialty laboratory owned and operated by Naturopathic Physicians. For veterans and newcomers to functional lab testing, learn how hormone and neurotransmitter analysis can reveal underlying causes of numerous common complaints in clinical practice. Treat your patients with custom tailored, nutritional/lifestyle recommendations that encourage patient compliance successful outcome. Discover how our unique professional programs can support your state organizations and charities. Learn more by visitng Northbay Diagnostics online.

Social Media – explode your practice!

Join us and Dr. Sam Schikowitz for a webinar presentation of using social media to explode your practice! We cover the big ones: Facebook, Pinterest, G+, Twitter and Linked In.

Tour of the Functional Lab Tests and Companies

In this Business Friday Lunch, we take you through a tour of Functional Labs and the tests they offer. Handouts include a comprehensive list of labs with contact information, website and a brief summary of tests. There is also a collection of test lists with prices and lab brochures in a zipped download.

Lifecycle Marketing (Content Marketing) Find and X the 3 Black Holes

Let’s talk about a type of marketing called “lifecycle marketing” which is a marketing method used to create a never-ending relationship, think of it like the infinity symbol. Gather all possible prospects, continue to talk to them and nurture them once they become customers.

Traditional marketing: hours and money into the front end to get customers attracted to contact you, to come to your website, etc. Let’s say it takes you 100 hours to get 1000 people to make that initial contact. The statistics are clear, about 1% (10) will move from curious to engaged if left to their own devices. Let’s look at the 10 people who engaged and follow our 1% rule…so, 1 person buys. And that leaves one lonely person, who bought, and is now a customer. The traditional marketing model stops here – got the sale! Now, back to the beginning. More hours, more resources for another 1 person. Wow – that does not make much sense.

So – fixing the 3 black holes of the traditional marketing strategy is not hard….

Incredible and Easy Strategies for Using a Patient Newsletter Service

Whether you write your own content, use our newsletter service or work with someone else – this presentation goes over easy yet effective newsletter strategies. Even get an idea for how to get your service for free…

Concierge / Annual Plan Practice

Creating a Concierge, Boutique and Annual Wellness Plan Practice – What are these? In general, these types of practices are synonymous and vary among practitioners as to the services offered to the patient. It is typically much more than the traditional doctor-patient relationship. More specifically, it is a hybrid medical practice where you act as a comprehensive health and wellness partner for your patients. Let’s face it – creating health and wellness takes time, it is often information overload for people coming to see you and often they do not commit long-term enough to realize the full benefit of we have to offer. So we can change that. A long-term commitment and a step-by-step program allows a person to embark and successfully navigate a journey to wellness. A concierge practice is one way that practitioner’s can facilitate this journey for people while decreasing time spent administrating, practicing and at the same time increasing earnings. This is win-win for everyone! This contains Part 1: Creating a Concierge Practice, Part 2: Selling the Idea and Part 3: Converting to a Concierge Practice.

Patient Retention and Referrals

Retention: In a nutshell this is keeping people in the practice once they have initially engaged. At first glance this may sound like a doctor not doing their job, i.e. not getting people better. But when you look more closely, it is anything but that. Because, if people do not improve and find better health when working with you, they leave. It is that simple. In general, there are three large areas to think about and there are many aspects to each.

Referrals: Word of mouth referrals from your existing patients…these are what you are after. How do you get them? Simply, it comes down to asking for them. But you ask people in different ways.