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Medicine Talk Pro provides holistic health professionals with the knowledge and tools they need to start, run and grow their business. Our main focus is on empowering holistic health practitioners through our business workshops and seminars as well as helping them stand out and take charge of the conversation through Shareable content and ready-to-use presentation packages.

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Dr. Amanda Blandford

Dr. Amanda Blandford is a naturopathic doctor and licensed massage therapist with a solo practice in Rockford, MI. She has always been passionate about natural health and educating people on how to take care of themselves, and that manifested into a journey into massage therapy and then naturopathic medicine. Before medical school, she earned her writing degree. Dr. Blandford is excited to have the opportunity to continue Medicine Talk Pro Shareable as it offers her the chance to combine several of her skill sets. Her goal is to support her colleagues and other health professionals as they work to improve the health of their communities around the world. Education is critical to support people who are seeking to become their best self, and this company provides another way in which she can do this. She and her sister Jessica Blandford will work hard to uphold the vision, high quality newsletters and marketing content which you have come to expect.

Jessica Blandford

Jessica Blandford is excited to begin this new journey with her sister, Amanda Blandford. Although they have chosen different career paths, they have always shared an appreciation for writing. The Medicine Talk Pro Shareable service allows them the opportunity to combine their talents in an unique way while remaining true to their professional and personal goals. Both sisters agree, “education is critical to support people who are seeking to become their best self.” She seeks to do the same as a writer and professor at Grand Rapids Community College (GRCC). Jessica began her education at GRCC, but completed it at Queens University of Charlotte, North Carolina with an MFA in Creative Writing. Due to close family ties to medicine and a passion for learning, she has reviewed for Intima: A Journal of Narrative Medicine and edited works relating to health and wellness. Outside of her medical literary background she often contributes to the Southern Review of Books. Her creative works have appeared in Marathon Literacy Review, Dillydoun Review, and Beyond the Veil Press.