Tricks of the Trade Business Seminar

This is a 2-day seminar given by Dr. Eli Camp which covers the basics of starting or restructuring and sustaining a practice. It is not just simply a download of information, rather it is a practical, step-by-step program that anyone can implement regardless of current business knowledge. Dr. Camp has presented this seminar at most of the Naturopathic Medical Schools, The AANP, multiple state associations and for a variety of other professions. She has created 3 successful medical practices as well as other business endeavors for herself and has helped numerous doctors start and restructure their practices!

Holistic Health Content Marketing Package

The Holistic Health Content Marketing Package is a practice tool that provides 6 easy-to-read, engaging articles, a customizable, formatted newsletter containing these articles, social media posts, blog post and website content on topics people care about. We have a DIY option or an option for us to do it all for you!

Partners 4 Success

Here you will find a listing of individuals and companies that can help you create, run and skyrocket your practice to success. From crafting a plan, to helping you run your business to providing legal protection, our Partners 4 Success possess the expertise, innovation and dedication you are looking for.

Presentation Packages

These presentations have been written and given by many dynamic and vibrant NDs in our community. They are accurate, aesthitically pleasing, cited and work for any general or professional audience. Each presentation comes in PowerPoint format, complete with formatted handouts for your audience and notes for you to use to guide you through the presentation.

Business Coaching

Business coaching can be an invaluable resource especially for people who do not have prior experience setting up and running a business. There are many different ways a coach can help from helping you get organized, keeping you on track and teaching you the skills to succeed.

Special Promotions