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"No man is an island" - John Donne (1572-1631). It appears in Devotions upon emergent occasions and seuerall steps in my sicknes - Meditation XVII, 1624.

So why do we put this quote here? Because we believe partnering with folks in certain areas will help you create your most successful and sustainable practice. Each of us has a different set of strengths! For those areas you need some extra help the people and companies below could be just the partner you need.

Know someone who should be listed here? Drop us a line and let us know or encourage them to contact us.

Drew MacKay Timmermans

Take your practice to the next level with the perfect vision statement!

(480) 599 9975
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Vision statements are often overlooked by many small business owners and medical practices, yet they contain powerful messages that will shape and guide your future success.

A vision statement is a short affirmation that shows not only your employees, but also your patients, what you stand for, what you aspire for, and what you are passionate about. Creating an influential and unique vision statement is a two-step process. First, envision your ideal practice that you are striving for. Second, perfect the diction and syntax until your new vision statement rolls off the tongue and inspires you, your employees, and your patients.

Whether you are currently creating your business plan or are already established, a well thought out, properly worded, and succinct vision statement can have a profound impact on your future success.

Together, we can create something that truly expresses the passion which ultimately led you to build your medical practice.

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Karen M. Rider, M.A.

Professional Health Writer

(860) 638-8140

Are you using the power of content to connect with your audience’s need for education or information? I am a professional health writer who creates high-quality content that helps you communicate your message in ways that are relevant to your goals and meaningful for your patients and clients

Whether you haven’t got the time to do the writing, or simply can’t get the worlds to flow, I can help you deliver media-savvy content written with clarity, integrity and creativity. 

My clients value my ability to turn health information into accurate, educational, and engaging copy for their target audience. This is so important today, when there is a push for innovative ways to engage people in their own health care. My strength lies in the fact that I understand the science that is the foundation of health information and I have the health literacy and writing experience necessary to create content that aligns with both your audience’s needs and your integrity as a trusted source.

With over ten years experience, I’ve published hundreds of articles and interviews, as well as created content for digital media (newsletters, website, blogs). Topics I’ve written about include:

  • personal and family health/wellness 
  • integrative and allopathic medicine
  • nutrition and fitness
  • alternative therapies
  • trends in health tech (for docs and patients)
  • interviews with today’s visionary holistic physicians. 

 If you’re looking for a writer who excels at turning ideas into polished, audience-centered content, contact me today

A little bit about me:

Before I ventured full-time into freelance writing, I worked in the health and fitness industry and higher education. I have taught college courses in health science, psychology, and research methods. I’ve also managed college health promotion programs and worked in marketing communications roles for non-profit organizations. Learn More

Mind Your OWN Business! Consulting

Deborah Mainville-Knight
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With more than 30 years combined experience as a fund raising professional, marketing director, certified meeting facilitator, accountability coach, executive director, event coordinator and business trainer, I’m ready to take on almost any business challenge…and believe me I have!

I created Mind Your OWN Business! Consulting to help facilitate clients’ “Visions Into Action,” so they can achieve outstanding results. It’s my honor and privilege to work with entrepreneurs, and people in organizations who are committed to change for the better.

Holistic Practice Management


Holistic Practice Management was built by an ND for NDs. It has grown steadily over 7 years for the following reasons:

  • Unlike conventional call centers, only 2 people answer your calls. One in the morning and one in the afternoon! Your patients will get to know your receptionists, and may expect to see them in the office.
  • Unlike conventional call centers, we make sure that our teams have no more call volume than they can handle. This means quality service.
  • Our receptionists understand and respect naturopathic medicine. 
  • A reception service is only as good as its receptionists. We spend a lot of time searching for and training our teammates. You will not be disappointed with the incredible team we have working for you.
  • Unlike other services, we charge by the minute. This means that if you have a slow month, your rate will also be lower. On top of that, our rates are EXTREMELY competitive, especially since our service is more personalized.
  • We have more advanced technology. For example, when we call patients on your behalf, your office number shows on the caller ID. We can also set you up with a phone to call from your office number. If you have an iPhone with iOS8, the phone can be your cell.
  • We offer amazing and inexpensive WordPress websites with advanced marketing features.
  • We offer Newsletter Services.
  • We can take on your phone number and get rid of your existing phone bill. Aside from the port fee, there will be no additional charge for the number.

So go to and fill out the signup forms TODAY! If you are not 100% satisfied with your service, you can cancel anytime in the first month and not be charged one penny. 

Sam Schikowitz ND, LAc, founder. 




Donna Sparaco
LegalShield Independent Associate

Everyone deserves affordable legal protection. Including you. LegalShield provides affordable, on-call legal protection. Which means you have the power to talk to an attorney about any legal issue all for one low monthly fee.

As a physician, there are many things that are certain to come up where having a lawyer to consult with would be very handy! Contracts, rental/lease agreements, a letter that someone is bringing suit, a letter that you have violated copyright, you name it. And, did you know the average cost of an attorney per hour ranges from $175 - $500 per hour. With LegalShield, for what would normally cost two hours of an attorney's time, will now give you access for a year!.

Check it out!!! We have it and love it. Donna handles all the referrals coming through Medicine Talk, so give her a call if you have any questions and tell her you heard about this on Medicine Talk Pro.