Continuing Education

General Information about our CE program

We strive to provide high quality continuing education based on the core principles and philosophy of vitalism, the belief system that Naturopathic Medincine was built upon. These CE will be of interest to Naturopathic Doctors and other practitioners who practice holistic medicine and who strive to adhere to the core concepts and practice of vitalistic medicine.

All CE offered is approved through the Oregon Board of Naturopathic Medicine. Some of the CE sessions are also approved through the AANP. If the CE is only approved through OBNM, then it meets the requirements of all state boards except California. If it is approved by both the AANP and OBNM it is good in all states. All sessions are clearly marked.

Upcoming Events

Calling our Wise Ones

We believe that each generation should be taught by its elders. In this way, we can preserve technique, skills and learn from clinicians who have seen our medicine work. Visit Our Speakers to learn more about who teaches for us. They give of their time to teach and by completing your continuing education through us, you are supporting the preservation of our profession. 

Are you a Naturopathic Doctor who is passionate about preserving the principles and practice of our medicine? Have you been in practice 25+ years? We have great respect for your years of clinical experience and recognize the importance of sharing this with the community. We would be honored for you to join us in bringing your voice and experiences to the profession.

Please contact Eli Camp, ND directly to learn more. 

If there are financial issues to be considered, contact us to discuss.

State Association Opportunities

Are you involved in a state association and looking to earn money (passive income)? We have a great affilaite program, email Eli Camp, ND for more information. You help us and we help you!!!

The CE Library contains class notes & audio for download, plus links to certification quizzes from previously held classes.

CE Library