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Welcome to Medicine Talk Professional Business News for NDs. This newsletter expands on topics that are briefly discussed in the Tricks of the Trade Business Seminar, introduces new topics and offers basic, general business advice for the holistic doctor and health care practitioner.

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Current Newsletter: April - June 2016

Concierge Practice Part 3: Converting from an Existing Practice

If you are looking to make a significant lifestyle change and want to spend more and higher quality time with your patients, then this could be the model for you. If you have not heard the previous Concierge Talks, I would suggest you listen to part 1 and 2 you start making any plans. It may affect and guide the plans you make.

Brainstorm – Business Plan

Creating a Business and Marketing Plan is really the first step to pulling this conversion off successfully. 

If you do not have a plan, or have never written one, we have a couple of great modules on Medicine Talk Pro – Business Plan and Marketing Plan. You can also work with your local SBA to get a business and marketing plan together. I know only a percentage of you will actually create a business and or marketing plan. Regardless, all of the following are applicable whether you do or don’t create a plan.

1: Brainstorm Your Concierge Practice

The following items need to be detailed out in writing for your patients. Actually create a document that outlines all of these and if there is a price tag on items not included, note it.

  • What kind of office visits, including tele-visits, will you provide to your patients?
  • What services will you offer in addition to office visits?
  • What is not included in the annual price: labs, supplements, therapies
  • Will there be travel charges? At what distance and how much? Do they pay your travel if you are flying to see them overseas? Will you go overseas?
  • What will your policy be if patients exceed estimated time in the year?
  • How will your patients schedule?
  • Will they simply be able to call you during office hours when needed?
  • Will they get a discount on your online or in office dispensary items?
  • How many patients do you want to serve? 150 active patients requires 15-20 hours a week, but I like an easy, breezy pace with lots of time to chat. I have seen a full-time doc carry 300 and still work about 30 hours a week….at a slightly faster pace.
  • Will you take time off in the year?

2: Craft your message

Hmmm, what do I mean by this!?! Well, many of you have a particular niche to your practice. And yes, I know, you are Naturopathic Doctors trained to see anyone – but I have seen many, many of you niching your marketing! So smart – but this leads to a particular message and it needs to be crafted and permeate all your marketing. If you do not have a message, come up with one. 

3: Marketing

In the full talk, I go through all the following pieces (webpage, marketing materials, social media, email marketing). The main point here is that you need a comprehensive marketing plan to educate people about your new model so you can recruit existing and new patients to sign up.

4: Administrative

There are a number of administrative aspects that need to be considered including scheduling, schedule planning, a welcome kit, billing, medicinary and referrals.

Specific Steps

Launch Calendar

  • Once all your pieces and parts are in place it is time to work out a launch calendar. This includes notifying your existing patients, changing your website, announcing on social media, writing a blog post, etc.
  • When to convert? Two times of the year that this works best: late Fall to launch in Jan and late Spring to launch in June.
  • Don’t fret if people take time to make up their mind. Just have a plan to pro-rate.
  • You will lose a percentage of your business – but it will rebuild and grow.
Notify existing clients
  • Create correspondence telling them about the change and why.
  • Outline their options for them including who you would refer them to if they choose to be referred.
  • Contact them by: email + letter + personal call
  • Ask if it is ok to continue to send them great health information! You can always include brief articles about things you are doing in your concierge practice. 
Recruit new clients with your super awesome new marketing plan.

Nurture, nurture, nurture!  Stay in constant communication, remember birthdays, send notes, show you care.

As Fall arrives, be sure and let your existing patients know you have openings for the next year (if you do!).

That is the general overview...for the full Business Friday Lunch Presentation - request Concierge Webinar Here.


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Stay tuned for more great articles this year!

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